"Ground-Zero experiments femininity with attitude and edge, mixing new combinations of fabrics and trims, alongside with their signature graphic prints. This FW12-13 Season presents “Bitter Sweet”, a collection that allows punk into the classic woman. Full on tweed jackets with traditional pockets and silhouettes are embraced with leather sleeves and solid details, integrating the balance of soft and hard appearance. Heavier styles are embellished with metal studs and safety pins, as well as unique prints and embroidery to complete the rebellious stance.This collection holds numerous classic jackets; skirts and jumpsuits with a personal touch of disintegration that includes spray on colour and raw edge finishes. Details enhancing the garment structure with panels, quilting and zips, as well as customised badges and buttons that are especially made.Another segment shows a more humorous approach with fabric play and bold prints that speaks on its own. Lambskin and delicate floral textured materials are applied to compliment each style, resulting in a balance of romance and punk.Sand washed vintage tees and dresses plays in various shapes and sizes, digitally printed leggings are empowered with dominate colour and imagery, while exclusive knitwear pieces are highlighted with beautiful studs.Ground-Zero remains to be defiant and individual, blurring the boundaries of femininity between both strength and delicacy, exposing the conserved classic to reveal another you."

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