The SS09 theme for Ground Zero is “Lazy, Naughty and Sleepy” dated back to their childhood times 17 years ago.  The inspiration of this collection came from a memorable childhood year during elementary school when they both got suspended for a year due failing courses. So, in order to make it up for that wasted year, both Philip and Eri decided to re-live their childhood throughthis collection, expressing their laziness and activities they do including playing video games, fighting, reading Dad’s Playboy and smoking.  Both Philip and Eri got their inspirations from what they did at home, very chilled, and implementing the home decorations that they used to have, and mismatching the randomly picked out clothing that they used to wear.


Every piece, including jackets from cropped to waist trench coat to pleated flare capes, massive cow-neck deformed shape sweatshirt in layering and to wide legged cropped pants, is complex in both design, trying to evoke an image of how laidback, relaxed and without discipline their childhood time was.  The silhouette would be heavy and voluminous on top with bottom slightly slimmed down.  The loose top and slim bottom would evoke an atmosphere like as if they were at home, prepared to play and sleep. They have incorporated a mood of “randomness” and “at home feeling” during their childhood times by mixing a trench coat with a short pants just the same way you would be dressed in when you are in your pajamas at home and you have to go out to the street to pick up your pizza order, you would just randomly grab the trench coat and go.  And to match the mood, there are colors like light green, romantic pink, navy blue, ruby red and grey, presenting a warm and cozy mood at home.  Their inspirations of colors come from their childhood daily gadgets such as kettle, toothbrush, candies, gum and multi-purpose squared pencil case.  In their graphic prints, they are still keeping the theme, playing hard and being laidback, doing whatever they feel like doing and at the same time, bringing out the brand signature concept of irony and fun, expressed through their signature prints T-shirt.  Both Philip and Eri interpreted the bear prints, the Pokka dots, the minimal baby blue and orange checks, the pajama prints, the knit print as some distinctive patterns and prints for sweatshirts, and pants to depict their childhood times at home.  For fabrics, the most noteworthy was a quilted fabric in short pants generating a texture that recalled that of “pajamas at home” and also pajama patterned pants creating a “sleeping” vibe.


After all, from time to time, doing something that is unrestricted, non-constraint, literally speaking, politically incorrect wouldn’t turn out as bad as you think, just like so in fashion?!

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