Today in our highly developed society, blessed with modern technology. It has become so easy to connect and communicate with the world, but the relations between people have changed, to a way that we are almost cold to one another, words are typed rather that said. We have almost forgotten the days when we used to put our pen to paper, posting letters back home with glue and a stamp.

When we all sit down eating at the table, everyone has their eyes and hands on their mobiles, it's hard to remember the times when we all shared stories and laughter, that warm feeling of togetherness.


Even shopping has evoled from walking around the street, seeing and feeling the clothes, to just being one click away to your door. The joy of first hand shopping no longer exists. Designers at Ground-Zero explores the old reminiscent days, with love for the modern touch. In Autumn/Winter 2010-11, they take a humorous approach with romantic ruffles and nostalgic graphics complimented with futuristic silhouettes. The theme "Digital Love" was created, in the hope that we can relive our nostalgia in this present time.

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