This collection,” what the fxxk!”is a bundle of discoveries from the land of teddipia,the ‘glory hole in the sky’. the portal to a new world where the two designers of ground-zero “came back or went to” from the year 2010 journeying faster than the speed of light to this mindaltering place. in or for “what the fxxk!” they seized the momentjust as a new vision sprang up as the monuments of teddipia aroseand where the twin hero mythically survives giving birth to an astronomical covergence at the dark rift and creamy way cross roads.


The image of this event is that of the sun beam goddness kawakubio of ‘comme’ who flies through the celestial skies to join master karl,the hero of zierri boobidix at the solar channel plane where he stands at the crux of fashion trans-dimensional formation. histribe gather amongst the once in a millennia dance to celebrate the glory hole at the top of the galactic centre where clothing isborn again. the ground-zero designer managed to retrieve the remnants of what was left of the dance and returned treacherouslyback to the year 2010 to the city of paris on earth to foretell oftheir new found pathology. if you think its progressive its not aseveryone dressed like this over there, it s just a fxxkingcollection from the land of teddipia.

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