Ground-Zero FW 2011 collection "Women's Power" it’s all about empowerment and harnessing that inner spirits and strengths of a woman to become superhuman.


As usual Ground-Zero takes a humorous approach to fashion with theirsignature graphic print, this season it's a play on the iconic bag, the best fashion accessory it's the deadliest weapon of all. The bag has been transformed into a T-shirt which morphs the wearer into a robot who can solve any fashion emergency. The classic jacket and pants are turned into mobile suite with robotic features, who needs a telephone booth when you've got the ultimate jacket!!! Colors play a strong role this season, like our super woman its vibrant and bold, inspired by the warriors of ancient times, to get ready for battle they would paint themselves with war colour for empowerment. Together with edgy tailoring it adds volume and creates a more defined silhouette, sending out a even more gallant statement. New this season, leather, special attention was paid in the construction and quilted details with this protective shield any GZ girls will be well prepare for a rough fight.


With this collection, woman are no longer just born to shop, shopping is only a ceremony which gives them superpower strength turning them into fighters. Ground-Zero FW 2011 is super woman with "Women's Power".

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