For SS12, Ground-Zero takes a journey to Chinatown capturing unique elements in creating this playful collection. As usual, print is dominantly bold, with influences from Chinese patterns mixed with geometry and colour play. Furthermore, by taking modern adaptations of old traditions and applying humorous context to Chinese Shan Shui paintings, cleverly personalizing own proverbs.


A selection of different slihouettes, altogether with hard edges and structure, this is a powerful collection mixed with hints of drape. Humorous application where literal sense is embraced by the figure, such as 'Shan Shui Framed Dress', 'Postcard Dress' and 'The Vases' are all to be handled with care.

Collection of T-shirts varies with subtle angular details, flowing chiffon and padded shoulders, whereas jackets and trousers are sharper in bold colours and paired with a touch of gold customized metl fastenings.

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